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when will iPad version be available?

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Sorry, bat AFAIK there is no ETA for a Planner iPad App
It's not in the roadmap as far as I know but you can vote on the idea here

I am not a dev, however, I believe Apple dev tools allow you to create the app for both iPhone and iPad at same time. I have heard the Android tablet development is harder, however, I am not sure why Microsoft would not develop for both.


The Microsft of old may have not developed for iPad, hope new team will.


When I see IOS, do we not assume iPad and iPhone?

I imagine it's just a matter of priorities and it was probably easier to launch with just iPhone support. Once Microsoft get enough feedback and the next phase of the development kicks in, it's likely they will optimise the app for iPad.  I wouldn't read much more into it than that.  'Universal' apps can indeed be developed to work great on both iPhone & iPad.  There is this note here saying the app works best on iPhone:


"People with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. You can use Planner for iPhone on any iOS 9.0 or later device. However, it's an iPhone app, so it will look and operate best on the iPhone."


As someone with a new iPad 10.5, I agree of course the app deserves full support and would work wonders on a larger screen.