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Hola Planner community.

I just discovered "Planner" and I am a bit overexcited about it. I think it has a HUGE potential. I wonder if in hte near future we will be able to create actions in planner from outlook messages?. I would like that becasue that way I could automatically add the: "Who submitted the request (sender)", "when what the request created (send date)", and all the details would be there. Even better if i could drag and drop messages from outlook to buckets in planner....


Add fields to each action (such as Created by and Creation Date) will be super useful as well, since we will be able to track KPIs... I hope I am making sense. oscar


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If I recall correctly, this feature will come in the future but as part of the integration between ToDo and Planner so you will be able to promote a personal task in ToDo as a Planner task

Hola Juan Carlos, thanks for your quick reply. What is ToDo?

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Very cool!, thanks a lot Juan Carlos.

Hi, For now I would recommend you to use third party app such as Apps4.Pro for Planner Outlook integration you are speaking about.



Why don't you look at iPlanner pro for Outlook. You will be able to create a task based on an email. you can also upload attachments to a task. Actually you will be able to do all, directyly from Outlook. That is on, Outlook for Window, MAC, WEB and IOS


Hola Alon, thanks for your reply. I want to use sync MS Outlook with MS Planner because my organization has the licesense already. The is (almost) what I am looking for right now. oscar 

Sure, that is another product. Anyway, important about our Office Add-in - iPlanner Pro. Very important. There is no installation!!! Deploy in Exchange online catalog and you tasks are avilable on Outlook for windows, MAC and Online web mail. They will also be avilable on Outlook for IOS. Meaning you can create a task based on an email directly from your iPhone or iPad (if you are on IOS)


No installation, and  no manual updates!! Also important we don't save your data.


But it is up to what you are looking for thats matter.

HI @Oscar Gutierrez, Glad that our add-in meet your requirements.


FYI - Apps4.Pro is available as Outlook Desktop add-in and Outlook web add-in (available from Office store). The Desktop add-in provides deeper Outlook integration such as Sync Planner tasks with Outlook tasks, Outlook calendar, Set reminders for tasks, etc.. where as the Outlook Web add-in is best suited for MAC and users who have deployment problems.


Apps4.Pro Outlook Desktop -
Apps4.Pro Outlook web add-in -


Additionally, for your requirement to add custom fields to tasks such as Created by, Created on, Priority, etc...can be done using Apps4.Pro web add-in.


Based on your needs you can choose the add-in. Thanks.

Some workaround is possible with Microsoft Flow