Planner with Flow - issues with Group Id and Plan Id


I try to use Flows to create a list of Planner tasks.


When I use a predefined template (i.e. "Post messages to Microsoft Teams when a new task is created in Planner"), I can select the Plan Id in the Flow GUI. 


When I create a new flow and not use any template, selecting Planner and then "List tasks", I am asked again for the "Group Id" and the "Plan Id". However, now the pulldown menu is not populated with my existing Plans. 


Instead I get "Could not retrieve values. Insufficient privileges to complete the operation".

2019-08-06 14_47_14-Create your flow _ Microsoft Flow.png



Do I miss something here?

How do I teach Planner or Flows to find the Group Id's and the Plan Id's?





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@DanHuber, AFAIK you need to be an admin to read the O365 Group parameters. But the workaround is to manually enter the group id in the flow. The Plans will get listed once the group id is entered. 




Thanks @Santhosh Balakrishnan ,

I can certainly work with the workaround described already above by @v-litu-msft , but I would expect that flows behaves consistently. 


Again, if I use flow templates, dropdowns are filled out with Group Id and Plan Id. 

If i create a flow from scratch with the same steps as in the templates, I get the access error message when trying to use the dropdowns. Look at my screenshots and the descriptions above, please.


To complete:

I am creator, owner, member of all plans. 

And I am global administrator of the complete tenant.


I doubt that there is a problem with permissions as such, but I have to assume there is a bug.




Agree - I've run into this exact issue. Frustrating. Works from a template, but you can't create flows easily from scratch. I'm going to try the workaround (getting the ids from the url) tomorrow.

@Santhosh Balakrishnan 

Is this a new feature?  Previous tasks I have created did not require the group id.  I went to modify my Flow and add another task and now group id is stopping me.  I am a Global Admin.


@James Nelson this change was introduced after Planner changed to accommodate multiple plans per group.  I think we are looking at the permissions issue reading Groups - but the GroupID from Url is a workaround I've used successfully.

Best regards,



@Brian Smith 

Thanks Brian.  Makes sense.  I did grab the id from the URL and it worked fine so I'll adjust to it.  Just caught me off guard.  I'll look for the road map.