Planner ios sign in problem

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Hola Community,


I have downloaded the planner ios app but I cannot sign in. My organization has Microsoft Office365 E3 but the sing in windoe (work of school) gets me back to the welcome to planner window. Any suggestions for me?, thanks in advance. oscar

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Planner iOS App has been working fine for me, but others have reported problems in the you have any kind of Identity Management Deployment (ADFS) in place?

Just started seeing this issue with iOS version of Planner.  We are running O365 federated via AD FS.

1) Launch Planner on iOS device.
2) Tap the "sign in" button.

3) Microsoft Authenticator app launches and prompts for federated authentication via AD FS.

4) After successful authentication, the phone switches back toPlanner, but there is a message at the bottom of the screen, "your session has expired. Sign in again."


If you tap the "sign in" button again, Authenticator will launch and re-authenticate you without prompting (because you have an active session with AD FS) and then switch you back to Planner...where you will see the same screen stating, "your session has expired. Sign in again."

Hi Christopher,


Our team has fixed the issue you've described in the latest update to our iOS app (version 1.5.8). Could you give it a try and let us know if you still see the issue?

I have this issue. It does not ask for any authentication and just shows blank. I am on the latest version. 1.6.8. I am signed into Word, Excel and One Drive on my iphone

I have deleted the app and installed it again with the same result.

I was able to resolve this by signing out of Word and Excel and then signing back in. Once I did this, when I logged into Planner all of my info was there.


This is still an issue with v 1.9.6. I installed Planner and it hangs on the splash screen. 


  • Uninstalled and reinstalled
  • Signed out of Authenticator
  • Removed Authenicator
  • Signed out of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, ToDo

Still hangs.

@Christopher MarronI have exactly this problem, as you describe. I have been using Planner for some time on iOS, this happened after a periodic (policy-based) password change.  Given your original post was 2 year's ago, did you ever identify a solution to this?