Notifications stopped working July 10th

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Hi All,


We extensively use Planner integrated with Teams and have noticed recently that all notifications to personal email boxes and push notifications to phones have stopped working for all of our employees as of July 10th. We don't have a lot of the planners set up to push to the team conversation, but almost everyone has the group favorited, has their notifications turned on in groups, and notifications turned on for replies to me and group events turned on in the planner plan settings, yet all emails / push notifications just stopped at around noon on July 10th.

Can't really figure this out. Has anything changed?

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@Jordan Foxwe're having same problem in our compnay, but it happens only for two users part of a group of 8 people that work on Teams and Planner. Since some days, maybe 10 of July but I cannot confirm exactly, 2 users stopped to receive notifications form Planner. Nothing was changed.

Same here..  Notifications have stopped working.  We are getting several reports that new tasks assigned notifications are failing... have checked all settings.  Something has gone wrong.