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Hi all,


I have a customer who use Planner to manage trade show type events. They have teams for marketing, operations, etc., and they create a separate plan for each event.


The Operations Director would like to be able to see the availability of people in the team on given dates and, if possible, assign work from a single view. That would mean being able to see all the tasks of other users. So for example, Deborah is the manager of Rebecca, Steven and Emily. She wants to see a view like the 'Tasks by Planner & To Do' for each of those people, and be able to assign new work within that view.


Is anything like that possible?





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@Nick_Ellis In order to do a effective resource management, you need to have a complete view of all the tasks across all plans the resource is member of. Apps4Pro Planner Gantt helps you to get it done in clicks. This app offers a complete view of all tasks across plans with the members availability for easy planning. 

The alternative in the Microsoft World for a more "professional" PMO is Project on The Web. Otherwise, going for a third party product fully integrated in Micrososgt 365 is the alternative
This feature needs to be added to Planner! Our team leads need a way to see what their staff are assigned to in a given week or day.