Is Planner down?

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Is Planner down - all I am getting is Welcome to Planner and the loading......

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I don't see any problems in my corporate tenant. Planner is working as expected

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Hi Juan,


It will not open in Google Chrome but will do in incognito mode? 



I@jamesr0207 - I would guess this is an authentication issue, ie Chrome has remembered your credentials, which in incognito mode it will not do.   Suggest to you fully log out of O365 on Chrome and then re-initiate a login.



Hi Ben,


I have logged out of office 365 and also teams and tried to log back in again and the exact same issue.


I did get to the log in screens but as soon as I put my password in nothing happens.


All other apps are operating fine it is just planner