How to create a sub-plan in Office 365 Planner

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Dear all,

The Office 365 Planner tool is a full Web application you can access from your Web Browser. This tool is helping grouped employees to manage some project without all the solution possible via Project Online. You can create tasks, group of tasks (named buckets), assign it to users, ...


This is part of the modules available when you create an Office 365 Group (like Stream, PowerBI Group, Group Forms, Teams, …) and is covered by the Office 365 E1 license, you don't need additional license to use it.

But when you create one Group, you have only one Plan associated natively. So this could be ok for many basic usage, but for many User group they can need to have more than one Plan to manage there daily job with the same employee team.


For example, an IT group managing the helpdesk support can have several projects to manage in the same time in addition of the helpdesk job:

  • Install the last video solution into the room XXX
  • Test the new laptop configuration with the last internal Windows 10 image
  • Prepare the arrival of the employee YYY
  • ...

As you can see each of these items are dedicated project with specific tasks associated, and sub groups (buckets dedicated too)


So this use-case validated the request proposed into the UserVoice for Planner:


As you can see in the status, the solution is partially enable, and I will explain how to have it.


You have to use the Teams dedicated application for that, via the "add a Tab" option:


Into the application selection, you have to Choose Planner


You have now to define the name of the new plan you need to create (the project name for example)


And you will retrieve it into your Teams application tab


If you now go into the Planner web application, you can retrieve that new plan and if you look the name you can find the SubPostion plan (SPS-Genève > General)


Navigating into that new Plan with the Planner Web App will be as usual



This solution is perfect, but you have to be accept the permission management, there is no permission isolation into those created sub-plan and the access for the sub-plans are the one placed into the root (basic Office 365 Group permission set).

It will probably become, but it's not yet implemented


Hope that will help to adopt that product which is in continuous evolution


Fabrice Romelard [MVP]


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@Fabrice Romelard I probably should have asked this here but I have already created a new thread here about it. How can I delete a sub-plan and be assured I am only deleting a sub-plan and not the GROUP itself. I've accidentally deleted entire TEAMS because I deleted a Planner that was the group.