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What happens with devloping Planner functions.

  • Problems with email notification in Planner - Microsoft Community
  • Responsible user and stakeholdr
    I want to be able to specify a person in charge of a task, and connect stakeholders to the card.
    These people will be updated if a new comment is added.
    Change person who are responsible or stakeholder.
    Only those responsible should be informed of the delay.Relasion between 2 cards.
  • The relationship between the cards.
    Create relationship between card, card A must be ready before card B can be implemented.


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What happened to this , my self and my colleagues start to get furious, when can we expect this to be solved.
If a person are adressed in a card , they must bed informed that they have somthing to take care of, the whole idea of kanban is that the issues will be adress to how it concerns.
Will you also ad an 'Vote' functionality? So that we can let others vote on cards? Like Trello?