Creating Planner Plans which are owned by Teams, to allow having more than 200 planners own by user

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As we know, as of March 2024, each user/group can only create/own 200 Planner plans. now we have a power automate flow to manage the planner creation, where the user pass those 2 info:-


1) Planner title

2) Owner ID (which is a Microsoft Teams ID), as follow:-




so i realized that a user can create Teams and assign the planner plans to the Teams, so in this case a user can own more than 200 planner plans. in other words, the user own a Teams and the Teams own the Planner plans. the user can own 1000 Teams so can create 200,000 planner plans? am i understanding things correctly? or there are other limitations inside Teams and/or Planner i am unaware of?




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