Priority Chart: New insights into your Planner boards
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For every project there are some tasks that are more critical than others which is why last year, we released the priority field. Knowing which tasks are urgent is helpful but not always enough. As a manager, I need to see an overview of how my team is tracking across all prioritized tasks. Introducing the priority chart*! Quickly see how many Urgent, Important, Medium, and Low tasks your team has and the status of those work items




Below are some examples of how you can use the Priority Chart in Planner: 

  • Jodie is a support engineer at a customer service center. Her team uses Planner to manage incoming tickets. The priority field is set depending on the impact of the incoming issue. At the beginning of each sprint, Jodie will check the priority chart to get a high level view of how many urgent/important bugs the teams has to see how many people she should allocate to the support team.  
  • Greta is a compliance officer for a large financial firm. She uses Planner to track quarterly internal audits that are required to maintain regulatory compliance. For this process, she needs her team to collect information from sales and finance team members on a regular basis. To do this, she creates tasks to remind her team to collect information in their assigned areas. She uses the priority chart to make sure her team is on track to complete the highest priority audits 

Tell us what you think! We love hearing feedback from the Planner community. Head to Planner’s UserVoice site to vote, comment on, and add new ideas.


*Available in Planner web UI. Priority charts coming soon to Planner mobile and Team! 

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