Boost your project’s success with the Baseline feature in the new Microsoft Planner
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Baseline is now available in the new Microsoft Planner premium plans (formerly known as Project for the web projects). With the capability, users can capture the state of a plan at a specific moment. It serves as a reference point against which the project's current progress is compared. As your project evolves, referring to this Baseline helps you determine if you're on track or if adjustments are necessary. 


All Project Plan 3 and above users can leverage this feature by launching the new Planner app in Teams and then proceeding with the following steps: 


Setting Your Baseline: If you haven't set a Baseline yet, simply navigate to the Baseline button and select "Create baseline". Voilà! Your project's Baseline is recorded. 


Create BaselineCreate Baseline


Monitoring Progress: Return to this Baseline at any point to evaluate your project's status, ensuring you're moving as planned. 


Baseline StatusBaseline Status


If you do not have a premium Project license, you can simply click on the diamond icon within the app where you can begin your free 30-day trial of advanced capabilities – including Baseline in Planner or proceed with requesting a premium license.


Stay tuned for more updates on task level variances. Keep an eye on Microsoft 365 Roadmap - View Latest Updates | Microsoft 365 for more details. Your feedback is valuable as we continue to release new capabilities. There are several ways to share your feedback with us. You can share feedback through the new Planner app in Teams directly. You can also send us your feedback via the Planner Feedback Portal.




Can I import my Baselines from Project Desktop and/or other tools? 

No, Baselines cannot be imported to Project for the web while importing the project. 


Can I create multiple Baselines? 

You can capture only one Baseline at the moment. To have an updated Baseline, you can delete the existing one and recapture the current state of project. 


Are only project level details being captured? 

No, it also records specific details for each task, including start and finish dates, percent completion, duration, and work. It's important to note that while task-level data is present in Dataverse, it is currently not available on the user interface. However, plans are underway to make this information accessible in the future. Stay tuned for updates on this.  


Can I export the details I captured? 

Project and task level details will be stored in Dataverse and can be exported from there. 

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