Partner Blog | How Microsoft and service partners use AI to enable customer transformation
Published Oct 11 2023 11:53 AM 18K Views
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By Julie Sanford, Vice President, Partner GTM, Programs & Experiences

o matter the business model, Microsoft partners are benefiting from Microsoft AI as they find innovative ways to monetize their intellectual property (IP), services, and edge. In our first blog post on how Microsoft AI empowers every partner to thrive in the digital economy, we highlighted how partners are driving business value from infusing AI into IP-based solutions.


In this post, we take a closer look at how some of our partners are using Microsoft AI services to help customers modernize operations and improve data management across industries. Monetizing AI services is creating new levels of economic opportunity for Microsoft partners in this Era of AI. More than 85 percent of Fortune 100 companies across industries currently use Microsoft Azure AI, and services partners using Microsoft AI and cloud technologies benefit from the breadth and scale of our enterprise-class portfolio. It’s inspiring to see the sheer range of applications where partners are using AI to deliver better customer outcomes—from addressing issues with supply chain visibility and automating processes to improving customer experiences.


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