Why have multiple Computer begun acting like severely infected after connected into network?

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So I recently bought a new computer because my past four computers have all had the same thing happen. It began with my first one in college that became infected with a virus or a Trojan or something I don't know. I did everything possible to get it cleaned out and so finally giving up and buying a new one. At that time the old one had been connected and their network and sharing and then I had hooked in the same external drive to both computers passing that infection along.


Then maybe we should have your pets open up like this the computer that I had before my brand new one and this computer are showing the same exact signs as the first two. I've been battling this for over a decade. I work hard as a single mom and I already spent over a grand on a brand new computer because my old computer was so slow I could barely get anything done.


This computer ,I attempted to hook into network and sharing trying to hook up to my printer because nothing seems to wanna work with my printer anymore period now I have all of these files that keep popping up and system configurations have changed and everything's a mess. I have the antivirus and all that kind of protection as well.


I don't know what to do or how to handle this because I literally can't afford this is so exciting another huge purchase like a brand new computer worse than hundreds on repair period please somebody tell me how to fix this so I can work and support my children because we don't have any help the coins and chests and presents your take longer working with this

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