Turn off automatic junk filter

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There is no turnoff option for "Automatically identify junk mails for you like an **bleep**" within the Setting > Mail > Junk email of the web's Outlook. Please add that option.


I have been consistently receiving emails from the same company address in my inbox for weeks, and when I responded for an open position, the address unexpectedly got moved to junk mail and I missed my interview. Since I was consistently opening and responding to the messages, Outlook should consider the address active and important, not junk. 


Of all the messages I've received from the same address, Outlook junkmailed the one about my interview schedule, which I found out 1 day too late. No one should be consistently checking their junk folder, yet everyone does in paranoia that the system automatically moves expected messages there.




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This is entirely useless. I still want some spam emails that I personally marked going into my spam folder, but I don't want the filter automatically dictating which new email is spam.
Outlook already has a function that redirects any junk mail back into the inbox, YET they don't have the "turn off automatic junk filter" option.
familiarize yourself with it, but I understand your frustration because it is unpredictable to the recipient
The tiny flow I've suggested moves all junk emails to the Inbox where you can handle them.
If you want to filter some emails, do it by the rules that run against Inbox.