Simple suggestion to make it easier to stop sending emails to the wrong recipients

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Many incorrectly sent emails are sent accidentally to people outside of the organization where we work. 

Can Outlook add a setting (or even make this the default position) that highlights or colors any email recipients in the To/Cc/Bcc fields that do not belong to the organization of the recipient.


This will not stop all emails being sent to the wrong recipients, but it will make it much easier to spot emails that are accidentally addressed to an unintended recipient outside of an organization.  And presumably this should not be too difficult to implement ...

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We have the "external recipient" MailTip currently, that kind of serves the same purpose. In any case, the best place to put suggestions such as this one is over at the Feedback portal:

Hi @Cribbage,


Have a look at RestrictExtRecips add-in.

Set number of external recipients to 0 to get a prompt if any external recipient exists in To: or CC: