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We recently started using Room Finder in my tenant, and a small snag we have found with recurring meetings is that when setting up a meeting room, it will only show you a conflict on the start date, but there is no way of knowing if a conflict exists on any future dates until after the meeting has been setup/sent, and the room declines the series. My issue mirrors what is discussed in this thread exactly, however I am unable to find any admin settings that would allow me to set a number or percentage of conflicts that can exist for the meeting to still be scheduled. Does anyone know a workaround or maybe where those settings live?

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Hi @EMKody,

while there isn't a direct administrative setting for specifying a fixed number or percentage of allowable conflicts for recurring meetings, I can provide a few suggestions and insights:

  1. AutomateProcessing Settings:

    • Explore the AutomateProcessing settings for the mailbox linked to the meeting room. These settings dictate how recurring meeting requests are processed.
    • The AllowConflicts parameter, set to False by default, controls whether conflicts are permitted. If needed, change it to True.
    • Additionally, there's a ConflictPercentageAllowed parameter (default is 40%) defining the maximum percentage of conflicts allowed for recurring meetings. Adjust this value as necessary.
  2. Delegate Management:

    • Consider managing the mailbox for the meeting room using a delegate instead of relying solely on the ResourceBookingAttendant.
    • Delegates can make decisions about conflicting instances, including allowing double-booking for recurring meetings.

Automatic Processing of Recurring Meeting Requests with Conflicting Instances - Microsoft Community ...


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