Profiles have old email address - how to change?

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My provider was recently bought out by another one, which kept my username identical but of course changed the domain name for my email address. I wanted to keep my profiles and existing email data files, history, etc. as-is, but I had to update my server settings to match the new provider. For the most part it works OK.


However, I noticed when sending email that the "Reply to" and "From" on my emails as other people see them is different. "Reply to" is my current (new), while "From" is still my old address. This is verified when I look at my server settings (screenshot below).


I suspect this is related to a different issue I have: sending email originating from this account to any friends using GMail my messages will bounce, with Google sending this authentication error: "(reading confirmation): This message does not have authentication information or fails to pass authentication checks. To best protect our users from spam, the message has been blocked. "


I believe (but could be wrong) it's related to the mismatch in my From and Reply to addresses, but I don't see any way to change the former without deleting the account entirely. Is there any other way to update the address as you see in my settings dialog so that the "wowway" address at top matches the breezelineohio one?



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Disregard. I wiped the old profile and re-created it and now everything seems to be working.


I'd delete my original Q but I don't see a way to do so.