Problems adding a custom domain to new Outlook client

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I just tried sawitching over from the built in Mail app to the new Outlook preview.


I have two email accounts - it picked up my Gmail just fine, but when I try to add my primary account it fails "This account cannot be added to Outlook. Please try with a different email address."


Its hosted on but uses a private domain. Its the same address used for my Microsoft account. Is the new client still not supporting custom domains?



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Typical of Microsoft provide a new client and remove features for custom domains and icloud - they want to copy all your email into MS cloud servers so it can be scanned which is why 3rd party IMAP has been removed @Nuuki 

@peterbladen The emails are already in I don't attribute this to a deliberate attempt to cripple the use of third party domains, but to it being new etc. If others already have it working it would be good to know.

I'm having the same issue. My result says that the email server can't be reached, but I'm sure it's the same issue. In Advanced, specifying that it's an account did not help.
My assumption is that it is trying an auto-discover, sees the domain, and chokes rather than checking the email against the Microsoft account. I've used a custom domain email as my Microsoft account for something like 20 years. I forward email to and read and reply there, with the configuration allowing outlook to send as my personal email. I can't add either my personal email with the custom domain or the associated email ending with

@hsleviant Yeah I assume its something like that. That said you can add the address manually and then choose the provider from a dropdown, and it still doesn't work. Its extra frustrating because it works fine in the legacy Mail client.

I guess consumers using their own domain are in the tiny minority, though you'd think there are enough sole traders or small businesses not using Exchange, that they would make sure this was working...

I guess all we can do it log an issue in the client and hope they get to it.

same here...does simply not work...

Same problem for me. I even changed domain registrar to Godaddy (since they are officially supported). Verified and added pro DNS records. old client and web functions flawlessly. New outlook does not.


Will stick to PWA for now (Though then I dont get gmail in same app)

Since they are ending support for custom domains on from Nov 2023, I guess this is not on their feature list for the new app (Force us to move to exchange online or something)



OR go to Gmail or anything else. :face_with_rolling_eyes:

@gabor8219 Update. The new version now supports my custom domain.