Outlook Searching Issue

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I have an issue with outlook email search. My outlook version is 2007, last time I using Windows 10 system, there was no issue with searching email. However, one day my system forced to upgrade to Windows 11 (can not go back now also), after that, my outlook cannot do searching for email. I have tried to Index the email as informed by online forum, but after indexing, the search is still not working. Please advise in this case, how can I rectify the issue?



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Srijan, when I use the workaround which you suggested, injuring the value 1 in the new DWORD completely grays out and makes unavailable the internal Outlook 2007 built-in search.
Any ideas?


Follow-up: I have now partially answered my own question. Apparently that process gets rid of the Advanced Find function and I am left with the Search box at the top of the folder I am in. On top of that, I can't search just the existing folder, but have to search all folders of type, such as all Mail folders, not just the Inbox.

That is a significant improvement over the prior alternative. Is there by chance any further fix which will restore even more functionality?