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As you know when you search in outlook, there is a section for timing , this week, last week yesterday etc. This drop-down list has been lost and I need it bad. Anyone having the same issue? I am using Office 365 and need a resolution. Any advices? Uninstall-repair did not work.

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Please see the below link which will you help you to re-add your missing TABs..

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@MDadarkarthanks for time and message. Tab is there except the time drop-down option.

HI @Arrikan 


Just create a new TAB and add Search as shown in the below image.Search TAB.PNG.

Thanks again but weirdly it is not even there.

Hi @Arrikan 


You can reset all tabs to their original state, or you can reset select tabs to their original state . When you reset all tabs on the ribbon, you also reset the Quick Access Toolbar to show only the default commands.

Follow these steps to reset the ribbon:

  1. In the Customize the Ribbon window, click Reset.

  2. Click Reset all customizations.

Reset only the selected tab to the default setting

You can only reset default tabs to their default settings.

  1. In the Customize the Ribbon window, select the default tab that you want to reset to the default settings.

  2. Click Reset, and then click Reset only selected Ribbon tab.


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This will undo any other customization you've done, but does not magically recreate the command in the toolbar options.

I have same issue since last week. I restarted computer  and it solve for some time.

but after some time i got same issue.

please any solution.