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To get emails on my iPhone 12 I need to enter an Outlook password which I don't have. When I hit "forgot password" it tells me to get a code from my Authenticator. I don't have one!

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Hi @Philfirhillphil,

here are some steps you can try:

  1. Alternative device access:
    If you're logged in on another device, temporarily disable 2FA to set up the Authenticator on your new device and then re-enable it.

  2. Account recovery form:
    If access from any device is impossible, try the account recovery form. Keep in mind that this might not work if 2-step authentication is active.
    Konto wiederherstellen (live.com)
    How do I reset my Microsoft Account password if the Two-Step - Microsoft Community

  3. Reach out to Microsoft Support:
    If the above options fail, contact Microsoft Support directly.

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