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I have a user who has complained that scrolling his inbox in Outlook Office365 after the recent update (to refresh the look) is very slow. I saw what he was referring to and it is laggy. It did not occur before the O365 update. Anyone else seeing this same issue? Any known fixes? I should note that nothing has changed, but that he does have his font increased so he can see the text better. Maybe in the new interface this causes lag?

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Hi Tyler,


Have you tested if the issue happens why Outlook is opened in safe mode? Outlook.exe /safe

Which update might that be, you are not being very specific here. One of the recent changes that were introduced in Outlook is a redesigned display stack to better handle multi-monitor setups and differences in DPI. This might cause issues in some cases, so you can try toggling the setting off: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/office-support-for-high-definition-displays-6720ca0e-be59-4...


You can also try toggling hardware graphics acceleration: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2768648/display-issues-in-office-client-applications

Thank you, we will try these and report back.

Weird, I am able to see what the link is referring to, but the employee with the issue does not see some of the settings in his General tab. I had him check and he is running the latest version of Outlook. How can one Office 365 tenant have employees on different version of Office?

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