outlook mail view problems

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I have been having recurring problems with my view of outlook email.  I have it set up to show folders, list of current email,  and the individual messages on the screen.  However, the individual message box now goes way way off the side of the screen to the right so I have to cursor way way over to get to the reply/forward etc options.  If I try to shrink to a reasonable box size the view text becomes tiny and unreadable.  I've seen online suggestions that say that I need to find either the ruler or the line wrap to adjust the view but cannot find those anywhere (I've viewed multiple online tutorials that each show different series of steps to get to these options but when I follow any of the same steps shown in the tutorials, I get to a dead end - the option I'm looking for isn't there on my version.


I now dread every update to outlook - every new version has menu options moved to different places. There doesn't seem to be any consideration given to regular users who don't want to have to relearn and/or search around new menus for everything they used to be able to find. 

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