Outlook Mail glitches

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First, I've tried to research this problem and have found nothing similiar.  These issues have been going on for a month.  NO virus on laptops and all settings are fine (keyboards etc). Husband is having same issues on his computer with his Outlook account too.  We have Mac's (OS Big Sur) for me and Mojave  for his computer. 

1- When we start to type in the body of an email (whether replying or a new email) the second letter jumps to first letter...example; the word "Hello" comes out as elloH .

2- When hitting 'return' key the cursor jumps to the email address line.

3- Even when all emails are read and deleted, it still says there are unread emails. I check and nothing there or in junk or in other. Any help appreciated as we're both ready to dump Outlook (which has worked very well until recently) 

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@ontario2014 ,


I have the same weird problem with the second letter appearing behind the first.


It's virtually always the salutation, so I'm always getting "ohnJ" instead of John. The problem only happens once per email, with the first and second letters I type on a reply.


Haven't noticed the other two problems, but I never empty my inbox.


Very annoying. Can anybody help? After every salutation I have to delete the first word and type it over.