New Hotmail storage limit view/layout

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Hotmail recently updated the way the storage limit view looks, and they now show the storage as one decimal point.




Is there a way to revert this view back to 2 decimal points: i.e. 14.76 GB? Having only one decimal point is difficult to manage, because my mailbox constantly goes over the limit and the 2 decimal points helps me in managing my email box.



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You get 15 GB of free email storage which is separate from your Microsoft cloud storage. You have 5 GB of free cloud storage with your Microsoft account shared across your files and photos in OneDrive, attachments in and your Microsoft 365 apps. Microsoft 365 subscribers get 50 GB of space.


@LuisPhillip29 Yes, I'm aware of the mailbox storage limit. I was writing about how Hotmail changed up their view of how much storage we have left by making it one decimal point, so it makes it more difficult to manage my inbox from becoming over the limit all the time. In the past it used to show how much storage we've just up using two decimal points.