MrMAPI x64 has stopped working

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Just recently have been receiving pop-up messages stating that MrMAPI x64 has stopped working.  Running Windows 10 Enterrpise (1703.15063.483) and Office 2016 (1706.8229.2086).  Pops up about every minute or so, a little annoying.  The issue started on 7/17/2017 out of the blue.  Anyone else running into this?


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It's not an officially supported tool, but you can report the issue directly to the author here:

There's at least one other crash report linked to the latest Office updates...

If it's not an officially supported tool, how did it get installed?  I have installed no such tool referenced in the Github URL.  Does Microsoft package it with something else possibly?

Well it's definitely not installed with Office. It's a separate download/install afaik, and not bundled with anything else, at least it wasnt last time I checked. Maybe they've bundled it with SaRA or similar, but I havent heard anything "official" on that.

I keep getting this message/popup running OFFCAT for Outlook 2016

Same thing here. I get this prompt frequently when running OffCAT against an Outlook profile.

same again - OffCAT, Win 7, and it also crashed Outlook

I'm having the same problem on a computer running Windows Creators. MrMAPI x64 keeps closing and apparently keeps restarting when trying to run OffCAT! I presume this is why OffCAT keeps hanging. I'm having too many problems with Microsoft software.

same here - trying to run OffCAT on Windows 10 Pro (1703.15063.540) against Outlook 2016 (1707.8326.2096 - Office 365).


OffCAT still seems to work, but MrMAPI x64 simply crashes again, each time you click 'Close program'

seeing this as well... reached out to but have received no response!


submitted as an issue in github here in the link below

Same thing: OffCAT running against Office 365.
Reran the scan on just Outlook: got the same error message at 10%. Scan then completed and had another message saying Office needed updating.

So I manually updated Office 2016, reran the scan on Outlook and no error message.

mine is up to date and still seeing the issue. as see from the dates when this was first posted, this has been going on for a while. 

I wanted to report that after updating Office, I was able to run an OffCAT scan of Outlook without a problem---at least so far.

I just ran OFFCAT against Outlook 2016 as part of Office 365 and for once I didnt get the MrMAPI failure.

what office version are running? what channel?

received a response and it's to be fixed in 16.0.85xx.xxxx

It's version 1708 (Build 8431.2070 Click to run), Monthly channel, targeted.

Version 1707 (Build 8326.2107 Click-to-Run)
Current Channel

(after manual update couple of days ago)