Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

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Hi all

I have Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 version 4.0.0 installed on an iMac running OSX V10.6.8 

Both are quite old but have worked perfectly well until I went on holidays a week ago and activated an Out of Office within the Outlook application - I have since learned that this can cause issues and should have activated an OOO from my Email service provider...

On returning from my holiday the application which I had left open on the Mac had quit - I opened it and it immediately started receiving a lot of MAILER-DAEMON failure messages from my email host provider so I immediately tried deleting them but Outlook quit and won't open since.. 

I really need the contacts and archived emails so I got the folder with the Office 211 Identities off the Mac and stored on an external Hard Drive - 25Gb - do I uninstall Outlook from the Mac, Reinstall it and import the Main Identity back in?

I have installed Microsoft 365 Personal on a much newer Mac and it's working fine but I can't see a way to import the old Identity into it..

Any help or suggestion would be so appreciated - I triggered some kind of glitch when I set the OOO... 


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