mailto goes to old version of Outlook instead of new Outlook

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After reinstalling a new computer, I installed Office 365 with the new Outlook. In Apps, mail, the mailto is default to "new Outlook". If I open Paint and make a small drawing, and click on "send" it opens the older version of Outlook 2016 (or the old version of Oulook 365) instead of the new Outlook. I can see that there is the "File" option on the upper left, and there is no button (to choose). on the top right indicating that it's the new Outlook. If I open the new Outlook directly, everything is OK. But If I try to send an email directly from any app (even Excel 365 or Word 465), it will go to the older version. The older version was never installed on the C: drive, but it exist on a D: backup drive, but was never installed as such. I deleted the Microsoft Office folder on the backup drive and I still have the same issue. Any Idea?

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