Issues with Outlook (365) and Salesforce Addon

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Not sure if this is a proper place to post about this or not so if I'm coming out of left field, I apologize.


We recently made the jump to SSO in Salesforce, leveraging AzureAD as the identity provider. Logging in/authenticating works just fine and setting up SSO couldn't be easier. The only issue we've run into since making the change is with the Addon for Outlook.


We're all on 64bit Windows 10 Pro (reasonably updated, nothing old) and everybody is on the same version of Outlook (2202, build 14931.20132 at the time of writing this). We use 365, obviously. 


The issue is hit and miss. We have some users (myself included) where the addon continues to work just fine without any issues. Then we have other users who can no longer log into the addon since making the change to SSO. We've engaged with Salesforce's support team and they said everything on the Salesforce side appears to be correct, our installs are fine, etc... so they pointed the finger at Microsoft and said it must be an issue with Outlook.... I'm fine with accepting that.. if it made sense, which it doesn't. We can have two identical users with identical setups and it would work for one but not the other. 


I've tried reinstalls, etc.. the usual steps and even getting crazy with editing the registry, tweaking admin permissions, and so on. Nothing seems to make it work again.


Obviously not expecting anybody here to have the answer - given this is a MS forum - but I was wondering if anybody else here had ran into something similar?

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