Is there any way to have a button that will run a specific rule when I click it?

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I have various rules setup to organize my emails.  However, I have the emails to go my Inbox first so I'm sure to see them, and then I run the rule to move them to where they belong.  The only way I've been able to sort of Automate this is to add the Run Rules Now button to my toolbar.  This brings up the Rules window but then I have to check the box for the rule I want, then click to Run it, and then close it when it's done.

Is there any way that I can add a couple individual buttons and assign one to each rule so with one click, I can kick off a specific rule?


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Wouldn't it be easier to just configure "Quick steps" instead?

@Vasil Michev 

I don't want something that has to be run on messages individually. For example, in the morning when I come in I may have 20 to 50 emails from our nagios system mixed in with other emails. I want to browse through them to see if anything is critical and then if not I want to move all of them into their own folder. I currently do that with a rule which moves them as soon as they come in. From what I know of quick steps, I would have to manually select the emails or do a search to only show those on the screen or something like that and then highlight them and do the Quick Step. Having a predefined rule that moves everything based on the sender or subject would be much easier.