Increase the size of the email preview in To Do

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I've attempted to switch from the old Outlook Tasks to To Do several times and always had to fall back. With the latest push that deleted my Tasks icon, I'm giving it one more try before switching back again. I simple request that would make it much easier to stay is for the email preview for follow up emails to be larger. In my case, I have a long list of headings in the middle column, but the email preview takes up only a small amount of space in the righthand column. Below that is completely dead space. One of the things I liked most about the old Outlook tasks is that I could read the whole email in the preview pane. Having to open each email in a separate window is highly inefficient, and I'm not sure I can make that work. Ideally, the email preview should take up whatever space remains in that righthand column once you've resized your window.

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