How to add Shared mailbox as new account in Office 365/Outlook2019?

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I have shared mailbox "" for "". But when I am trying to add "info" account from account settings. It is opening web interface login. If I give "mainaccount" password it is not working. How to add a shared mailbox like a regular box.  I need separate signature for  shared mailbox.




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You cannot add a Shared Mailbox to Outlook in the same way that you can a User Mailbox.  If you wanted to do this, you would need to convert it to a user mailbox and assign it a licence.


Otherwise, Shared mailboxes will automatically appear in Outlook below the user mailbox when that user has been assigned delegate access to the Shared Mailbox.



I am getting Shared Mailboxes along with My mailbox in outlook. But the issue is I cannot create signatures for Shared Mailbox. 


I am looking when I compose a new email from the shared mailbox signature automatically populate. 



There is really no automated way of doing this for shared mailboxes, unless you invested in a 3rd party signature provider.


Otherwise, the only option you have is to compose the email in Outlook using the "From" field to select the the Shared Mailbox, then clicking Insert > Signature to choose the signature you want to attach.

do you see any 3rd party provider for this?



Have a look at Code Two. They have some options for this.