How can I recover my Outlook 2019 calendar and contacts?

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Outlook2019  Windows 10Pro


I mistakenly deleted some files (from the Documents folder, I think) and after that my Outlook calendar and contacts were missing.  Strangely, I was getting "reminders" for scheduled events, but was unable to respond to those reminders.


[My Outlook email is linked to my gmail account. I usually delete my emails after reading them, so the fact that I have none in Outlook now doesn't seem like a problem to me.]


I save (backup) my .PST file everyday, so I have yesterday's .PST file; but I don't know how to use it to recover the missing data.


I tried the Support and Recovery Tool, but it was of no help. It said I was not qualified to do one of the choices, and the other choice appeared to provide some fairly worthless "log files".


A couple of years ago, I had a lost some Outlook data, and tried to recover by replacing the "current" .PST file with my backup .PST file; but that resulted in duplicate data and some other problems I don't recall. 


Is there a straightforward way I can replace my existing .PST file with my backup .PST file, and get back to where I was at the beginning of the day today?

Or even a not-so-straightforward way?

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Hi jep1941,

When you delete files from your Documents folder, especially if your .PST file was stored there, it can affect your Outlook data. However, since you have a backup .PST file from yesterday, you essentially have a copy of your Outlook data as it existed before the files were deleted.

By replacing your current .PST file with yesterday's backup, you will be able to restore your Outlook data to the state it was in before the deletion occurred. This should bring back your calendar and contacts to where they were at the end of yesterday.

Keep in mind that there might be duplicates for any events or contacts you added today before the deletion. But overall, this method should help you recover your Outlook data. To get more clarity you can look after this blog :