How can I do an initial one way outlook (pst file) > Yahoo synch?

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Laptop upgrade requires update to Yahoo / Outlook Synch and hoping to move from POP to IMAP.

The Yahoo > Outlook POP set up has been in place for years.  We have to upgrade her laptop as her current one will not upgrade to Windows 11.

If we just add the Yahoo! to Outlook with IMAP on the new laptop, eveything will just come through to the inbox and the filing she has been doing for years will be lost and have to be redone. 


Is there a way to set it up so there is an initial one-way synch from Outlook (PST file from the current POP set up) to Yahoo! so that is updated before setting up the IMAP synch?


(This is for an upgrade resitant Mother who is in the UK and get support form me in Australia so any advice or how to would be so very much appreciated!!!)

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