Email forward after filter

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I would like to:

(#1) Take a message with particular tag:

Mark as read

Move to specified folder

(Stop any further rules is checked)


(#2) Then forward all remaining emails to another inbox.


I have a rule set up to accomplish (#1), and separate from "rules" I have email forwarding option turned on to accomplish (#2).  Unsure about which order Microsoft will do these things in though. Will this accomplish what I want? 

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If you have configured forwarding on the mailbox level (i.e. via PowerShell or OWA settings), it's an all or nothing situation, you cannot have it forward only some messages. Instead, you'd want to use a rule, however there is no "all remaining" condition you can leverage - you have to come up with some criteria to target said messages.
Thank you for clarifying, Vasil. Greatly appreciated.