Dead Relative, Need access to a relatives Emails to inform his business associates.

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So a family member just dies almost a week ago, and i have been given to job of getting into their phone and laptop. I have not been able to do either. At this point, the only thing i can think of is a link so i can recover the account login for their laptop. However i have already exhausted all recovery methods out there. I have their details and everything, but when it comes to recent emails sent and past passwords, i just cant progress further because i cant access them. I have read that its hard to gain access to a deceased relatives accounts, and that they die with them, but i am in need of their accounts so i can actually inform business associates, past employee's, and also tax and insurance companies.


i have already tried the recovery method, and sending a text to their phone, as i have it. but since i cannot get past the pin, i cant actually read the codes.


I really need help, i don't want to disappoint my family when i tell them i cannot access anything. I cannot believe that their is very little options when it comes to actually sorting out a deceased relatives accounts other than deactivating them.

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I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your family member. Dealing with the accounts and digital assets of a deceased loved one can be a challenging process. When it comes to accessing someone's email account, especially if they haven't left any account recovery information or access credentials, it can be quite difficult. However, there are a few options you can consider:

  1. Contact the email service provider: Reach out to the email service provider (such as Microsoft for Outlook) and explain the situation. They may have specific procedures or protocols in place for handling accounts of deceased individuals. They might require legal documentation, such as a death certificate and proof of your relationship, to grant you access or provide you with options to handle the account.

  2. Seek legal advice: If you encounter difficulties in accessing the account, you may want to consult with a legal professional who specializes in digital assets and estate planning. They can provide guidance on the legal processes and requirements for accessing or managing the deceased person's digital accounts.

  3. Inform the business associates and contacts: While you may not have access to the email account, you can still reach out to the deceased person's business associates, employees, tax agencies, and insurance companies through alternative means. Contact them via phone or postal mail to inform them about the situation and provide the necessary information or updates.

Remember to prioritize your own well-being and seek support from family and friends during this challenging time. Dealing with the digital aspects of a loved one's life can be emotionally and technically challenging, but with patience and proper guidance, you can navigate the process effectively.