Can't Print Office Docs

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Since the new version of Outlook Web Access rolled out my users are having trouble printing out Microsoft documents that are attachments from Outlook online. In Chrome we get a box that says Done Printing - Didn't Print Correctly? Click Here but nothing prints and you ALWAYS have to click the Click Here part. Is there anyway to avoid this? I tried allowing pop-ups and that didn't do it.

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@Nick Perfetto  I meet the same problem, and don't know when they fix it

@Nick Perfetto I found when you print in other browsers, the alert will say "your pdf is already prepared ,click here to see your document", that means the print button is used to changing excel or word document to pdf document. and when you click the link in box,you could print the pdf document.

@sakurayjcYeah I've seen that too. I'm trying to find a way so that when you click print it just prints. Some of my end users can't handle having to click two things.