Automatically send any email with certain word in 'From' to Junk Email folder?

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I, like many of us, get a lot of fake Netflix spam.


They usually have the word Netflix in From.


Much of it gets to my Inbox.


When I right-click, choose 'Create rule' then 'More options', I can't seem to find a way to automatically send any email with certain word in 'From' to the Junk Email folder?


Is this possible?

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Hi @ebridgewater 


On the "add a condition" drop down, can you change it from "from" (which needs a specific address) to "sender address includes"



Hopefully that'll do what you want.


Hope this helps,


@HidMov A current example of an email address is "", so that would not work, unfortunately ☹

@ebridgewater I would have hoped that MS would have picked up on such an obvious spam email address in the first place, but it would appear not! I tend to find that right-clicking on a spam email that gets through and selecting 'Mark as junk' does seem to improve the detection after a while.


In your case, maybe it would be worth adjusting the rule so it looks for 'Netflix' and other keywords in the subject and/or body of the email rather than who sent it? Changing to "subject includes" or "Subject or body includes" in the conditions section might be helpful. You can add an exception to the rule so any legitimate email from Netflix is still passed over to you inbox.

@HidMov Weirdly enough, the 'To' address is Clearly a spoof.