Auto-Correct and Shift+F3 features missing from Outlook (new)

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I really miss 2 features:

1) Auto-correct options, where I for example always add a rule to replace "BR" to "Best regards," automatically, or replace common abbreviations to full phrases like product names.

2) When I don't have the lower/upper cases correctly, type e.g. WOrd, it's really convenient to use Shift+F3 to rotate between options (word/Word/WORD).

These are features that make work with Outlook (new) less effective, so I really recommend to add them to the new version as well.

These are actually MS Word features as far as I know, but it seems that the new Outlook does not benefit from Word's features anymore.

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I couldn't agree more, especially regarding the fact that Autocorrect is missing. For me that is a real dealbreaker and is what is preventing me from switching to the new Outlook client.