Adding Reactions in Outlook

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It would be nice if we could react to emails and replies in Outlook. It would be nice if there were reactions like: :lol:, :cry::smile: and >:(. Then more people would switch to it. Please tell me your thoughts.

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If you think it's that good idea, put it on UserVoice:

@KamYou can actually use use emojis anywhere, as long as the target user and yourself are using windows.


The shortcut is "Windows+."


example: :thumbs_up:

Screenshot from outlook:




@LodewykV I'm not talking about emojis, it's about reactions.


If someone had a "reaction" to an email of mine I would prefer a thoughtful reply with words to the email, not some picture/icon that really doesn't tell me any thing useful.

Smiles and frowns don't tell me anything of substance.

They do, @Cary Siemers don't you use Teams?


You were asking about a suggestion for Outlook, not Teams. Last I checked Outlook does emails, not chat.

@Cary Siemers I'm adding to it.