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I wonder if anyone can help me solve a mystery.


I am unsuccessfully trying to add my new work email to my iphone mailbox. It is a NHS.UK (office 365 account)


I have previously successfully added a NHS.UK account so I know it can be done. I am wondering if my new workplace has placed a block on it?


I downloaded the Outlook App which also won't allow me access. I can however use this email on Safari.

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What's the error you are facing?
AADSTS165000: Invalid Request: The request tokens do not match the user context. Do not copy the user context values (cookies; form fields; headers) between different requests or user sessions; always maintain the ALL of the supplied values across a complete single user flow. Failure Reasons:[Token values do not match]

@JFarina365 Hello! As this does not appear to be an Azure question (where you originally posted this), I've moved it to the Outlook discussion space.


Please make sure you are posting in the correct discussion space in the future - thank you!