Add another IMAP account with same user login as in Office 365 on Android Outlook app

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Good morning, 

when I try to add any account in the Outlook Android app, I am asked for the user login name (user @ domain.tld) and the app automatically detects that I have an Office 365 account, so it jumps to the Microsoft login form. 

I don't need that. 

I have another e-mail account with the same login name (user @ domain.tld) on another e-mail service ( , and I need to add it as IMAP. 

To force the app to let me configure an IMAP account, i could insert a wrong login name (user @ else.other), but then, in the IMAP forms screen, the login name is greyed out and it cannot be modified. 


A few months ago, I could work around this issue pressing the "back" arrow when I was sent on the Microsoft login form. This way, I could select IMAP with any address. Today, instead, it sends me back to the app home screen, so I'm stuck. 


Is there any way I could work around this issue? Any possible update from Microsoft? 

Thank you. 

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