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I’ve been trying to recover my hotmail account since summer. I’ve had this account since I was a teenager in high school and now I’m nearly 40. I have hundreds of e receipts and important tax information in this account along with my Xbox live account which allows access to play my games.


the number linked to my account is an old number that’s no longer in service so I’m unable to retrieve the code.


I have filled out the recovery request nearly a dozen times, listing all current sent and received emails that are all recent because the ironic thing is that I still have access to my email thru my cell phone, but I’m unable to change my password as the cell phone app has limited options.


I know all my security questions and can list every email In my account. I’ve listed all known passwords for the last decade along with my visa information and Xbox information like serial numbers etc and this still isn’t enough information. What else can I do? 

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@Gregk2485 Hi

Can't send or receive email in - Microsoft Support

But why do you want to change your password, to do this you need a verification code?





I don’t know my current password and I need to change it so that I can keep access to my account. I’m currently logged into my account thru my cell phone but if my phone ever dies I’ll be screwed.


not to mention the 1000 plus dollars of Xbox games that I’ve spent over the years that I can no longer play because Microsoft is asking for my login information 

Unfortunately, your account has @Gregk2485 been protected by a password that you do not know, you do not have the phone to confirm the verification code, then unfortunately you can not confirm the basic security, so do not waste time trying to recover the account.

You can use the many different professional tools for proper backup recovery


Interesting, the most common impersonation of technical support is (professional account recovery tools)



What’s the point of the recovery request form then if it doesn’t work?  Listing all my past passwords over the last decade, current emails I’ve sent and received thru my account and even visa information and Xbox information linked to my account and it’s still not sufficient information is complete bullshit.


Please elaborate on which tools i can use to recover my account.

The only thing I’m aware of is the recovery request form which I’ve filled out nearly 12x with no luck.



It is the user who adds security information (if you did not add this information to additional verification, it is not a Microsoft problem) 

I from your explanation would not restore the account either - it is > obvious.

Não consigo recuperar meu e-mail pois minhas informações de senha não dá certo. Fui roubado e tento recuperar de outro email e não consigo mesmo com formulário e colocando as senhas antigas me ajude help me


"I can't recover my email because my password information doesn't work. I was stolen and try to recover from another email and I can not even with form and putting the old passwords help me help me"

If your account has been compromised and the scammer has changed the password and information needed to recover the account, then there is no point in trying to recover, in addition, this account could have been used for other scams so why do I need such an account?



Minha conta mais antiga ninguém está usando pq a senha e difícil acesso ela é minha conta oficial e quero recuperar la
Não mudou a senha e porque eu vivo mudando de senha e tentei todas as senhas só que eu não consigo lembra a última senha que criei tentei todas as antigas mais eu criei uma senha muito forte



MTC is a public forum and no one here can restore a lost Microsoft account!

Only official support forms , Microsoft can help with this.

If anyone here offers help in recovering your Microsoft account it is: (cheater) please report it to the Moderator.