Word's Open list displaying Document Title

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Hi all,


I am exhausted looking for the answer to this, hence posting my issue here.

When you have Word open and use the open option, the list of documents that displays use a mix of file name and document title name. Some of the documents that have document titles, still use the file name in the open screen , yet other documents just display the document title. It seems random but it makes it impossible to know which document is which.

My questions are;

  1. How can I make word simply display the file names?
  2. Why on earth does it display document title anyway?

I can't share a screen shot as the information is protected. But I can have multiple documents with the same name appearing because the system is using the document title, which was set in the template the document was based on but the title was not updated. either way, you can have multiple versions of the same document with the same title and its the file name that captures the version usually anyway.

Please put me out of my misery and tell me there's a way to set the list to use file name only?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice (please don't tell me how to open via explorer - I am sufficiently savvy in use of office/windows despite being a mac user lol.... i am referring to how to solve this in Windows).

My guess, is that if a document was based on a template that had a default document title entered, then the open document list will ALWAYS use Document Title in place of the file name. If that's right, I'd love to know what Brainiac came up with that and why!

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