Planning customer visits tasks and reporting

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Hi, I'm new to O365 and OCM and am confused by all the apps and permutations.  I want to plan and track next year's customer visits, emails, events and phone calls in a way that allows my boss and I to keep track of who has been contacted, what tasks are agreed, in-progress and complete.  I work for a small not for profit so have to use the apps available under our O365 Business suite for CRM.  I played around with OCM and planner but am not sure if I'm doing it right by starting buckets, perhaps I should start with the individual contacts but that seems like a big job (1500+)  Any thoughts much appreciated.

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Using sharepoint lists would be point of attack with this. Then I’d you want advanced features or front end on input or reading from you can tie a powerapp and also flow to do workflows based on the data and automation.

Thanks for the quick response Chris,

I'll use SharePoint lists as the starting point and try to integrate Flow as I progress.

 As for PowerApps, that's totally new to me so I'll need to learn more about it.




Look into using lookup columns for the lists. This was you can have a customer list. And link it to others “contacted” list and link it via lookup column.

As for powerapps Shane Young has a great getting started YouTube powerapps videos and other great info out in the community. There is a lot to learn but it’s very powerful. Easy to do easy things but can be used to do some complicated full blown apps as well.

Flow same thing. Shane has some videos and Laura Rogers too. Also tons of other community videos out there and articles.