Outlook Appointments Tracking Tab No Longer Displays

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In the last few days the tracking tab on outlook appointments has stopped displaying so I can't see who was invited to meetings.  Have tried O365 support but they don't seem to have a grasp of their own product.  Have also done repair, restart, online repair, repaired PST file.


I've tracked back mentally and I think this is related to a recent update where the search bar also got moved to above the ribbon.  The Scheduling Assistant does not display either.  Interestingly, if it is a meeting which I have created then I still have the Tracking button on the ribbon of the main outlook window, which I can click and see the Tracking List for the meeting, but then when I click on the Meeting tab on the ribbon, it doesn't update the window to show the meeting details!


See attached picture.  When the Tracking tab is selected, as it is here, there should be the Tracking List displayed in the main pane of the window, not the appointment details.


screenshot jpg_LI (2).jpg

Anyone else seen this or have any ideas??? 

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Probably indeed related to the recent Office update we had, and since I steer clear from the latest builds I can confirm it works as expected for me. @Diane Poremsky might have a clue.


Is this a subscription version? There were issues with the perpetual/volume license a few months ago. 


Are all meetings you are invited to?  The organizer has the option to not share tracking with attendees, but it should show your status on the tracking tab. 


In any event, if you have not repaired office, do that. 


I have the same issue, where the Scheduling Assistant and Tracking windows do not draw, except for the ribbon menu. Have tried various repairs and reinstalls. Hoping for a fix ASAP!