Office 365 licensing report or lookup (easy)

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I have searched and not found an easy way to do this:


We have multiple support people in our organization that need to view a persons office 365 licensing. We have about 6 different kinds of licenses someone could have and combinations of licenses and I need a way that I can give multiple people an easy READ ONLY way to search for someone and view their license (including the 'sublicense') details.


I can extract the data and put it in a shared folder that they can open in excel, but that is not very pretty. Is there a way to put something on top of the license info already built? Maybe load into sharepoint online and query it that way?  


Any tips on where to look for a solution would be great.



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How about the Message Center Reader role?  It may give a little more access than you want, but still just read-only.


Message Center reader

Monitors changes to the service and can view all posts to the Message center in Office 365 and share Message center posts with others through email. Users assigned this role also have read-only access to some admin center resources, such as users, groups, domains, and subscriptions


You may add them to 'Report Reader Role' so that they can log in to O365 admin center and take a glance on reports.


For an easy solution, you may have a look at AdminDroid O365 Reporter. It will allow you to delegate non-admins to access O365 Reports and Statistics.