O365 Profiles (extracting data)

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We have some managed metadata sets we've customized in our O365 user profiles (e.g. skills). We now want to extract/export that data to see how it aggregates across the company. I see no way to do that easily in our system. Is there anything OOTB, any reporting? (I'm not in IT or developer--writing code won't help me...)


Seems like we should be able to get that? Any help is much appreciated ...

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Dear Andrea,

First of all, the data extraction will need development skill, as I know there are today 2 ways to do that kind of extraction:

  • "Old school" mode: PowerShell (or .NET application) using the CSOM API
  • "New school" mode: PowerShell (or .NET application) using the GRAPH API

So it depends of your business or use case to define if that is only for dynamic usage (the user profile call are done in the same time you are using the application) or if it's for reporting presentation (the call are done globally to create like a Database with the value you want to get).

The second case will need to schedule and execute the data refresh.




Thanks for those thoughts. I will look into PowerShell now as the solution ...