o365 Outlook screen blinking while using dual monitors

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We have a few cases where for some reason Outlook o365 will start to blink while using a USB dock and dual monitors. Using the laptop alone the blinking does not occur. This seems to only occur with certain emails, maybe some with a jpeg or an attachment. Seems to be more related to the actual PC but after updating video drivers, chipset & BIOS. The issue reoccurs, I would say the workstation setup via monitors are display port and HDMI. The issue occurs usually on the display port monitor. Thanks!

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@Ramius Mcphatter hey there!  What type of PC is this?  I have seen a similar issue before with Lenovo machines and was able to fix the issue by turning off hardware acceleration.  However, after about a year Lenovo did release a newer video driver that addressed the issue.

Try toggling the display settings (on the status bar -> display settings), and also try toggling hardware acceleration under File -> Options -> Advanced -> Display.

@Ethan Stern Dell Latitude laptops. Yup updated the latest from Dell still ongoing issue. Not everyday but its starting to increase